FCC Complaint about Comcast’s 300g limit.

Let’s  talk about:  Complaint to FCC concerning Comcast’s move to cap web access to 300g per month at current rates and additional charges for use beyond 300g.

Initial complaint filed with FCC, Feb 4, 2016

FCC response with ticket number received on Feb 9, 2016

I was telephonically contacted by a Comcast Rep concerning this on 16 Feb 2016.

We had a very long and involved conversation.

Comcast maintained the position that they absolutely had the right to do what they were doing.

(And, (between the lines) as with all deities, demanded that all subjects bow to the will of the supreme deity (Comcast) with love, affection and no question.)

I explained my position with:

(1) I do not recognize the right of Comcast to arbitrarily raise prices.

(2) That this action on their part was a classic “Bait and Switch” rip – off.

(3) that Comcast was using its’ monopoly power position to leverage this action.

(4) Apparently this is a ‘Test’ project and not necessarily applicable to all clients (why am I Comcast’s ‘Guinea Pig’ at my expense, denigration and harassment)

Next, I challenge their computation of my data usage.

(1) By Comcast’s own computation, prior to the inception of this new rate increase, I had never used more than 192g pm.

(2.) Suddenly, In Nov of 2015 Comcast stated that I had used 408g (more than twice my previous ‘high’ of 192g.  I cannot attribute this increase to any additional activity on-line that I can think of.

(3.)  This month (Feb), here on the 16th, I am already at 271g and have had a warning email from Comcast to let me know that I am over 90% of my limit.

(4)  My primary-use computer states that I have used 22.03g of data for the past 30 days – other users are considerably less.(Win 10 on task bar hit the NetWork icon >Network Settings >(top left) Data usage.)

(5) My Modem, Motorola SBG 6580 has no function or capability of reporting or recording traffic volume statistics on its’ menu that is accessible to the user.

(6) (apparently) Comcast is using a 3rd party to compile these statistics – not Comcast itself.

Finally, I emphasized on more than one occasion:  ‘I DO NOT TRUST YOU’. – Not the rep, Comcast.

If you have not made an FCC complaint and are effected by this (rip-off), please make a complaint.

(thank you for this link, Sergio)


If you have made a complaint, you should be hearing from Comcast shortly.  Please use all of the comments above that apply to you also.

If you have other points that you can make, please enter them on a reply to this email for use by our other colleagues.


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