Leo Regulus
June 3 at 11:23am ·

(IMHO) These last rate ALFs & ‘Nursing Homes’ are the scourge of South Florida. (although we may not have a monopoly on it) If you have a loved one in one of these places, VISIT THEM REGULARLY ! Do not be fooled by the lush green grass growing over the cesspool. Inspect the place like an Army Drill Sgt. Be paranoid. Check the make and model of the cars driven by management & upper staff. – What is your loved one paying for? Suspicious? The state of Florida (and most others) has an inspection service for these places. Your taxes pays for this inspection service. USE them. NEVER FORGET, You will be their next client. Insure that you have a nice place to go.
Greed, Neglect, and Incompetence: The Heart of America’s Nursing Homes
For-Profit Nursing Homes Pay CEOs Big Bucks at the Expense of Elderly Patients


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